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860 10002 Nights Homo Humus Come Va How Do You Do, Mixed media print, 1984

960 Red Tongue – Paths of Blood, Smoke of Water, Mixed media, 1996

776A Barbakan Castle in Poland, Tapestry, Weaver Theo Riedl, 1979


DIE GALERIE Seoul, Korea

From 10 April 2009 to 18 June 2009

DIE GALERIE Seoul, Korea
96-8 Chungdam-dong, Gagnam-gu
Seoul 135-100

DIE GALERIE with headquarter in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, opened its new branch in Seoul in February 2009.

The gallery owner Peter Femfert devoted the second exhibition to Hundertwasser, for whose works he has been engaged for more than three decades. In 1984 Femfert edited Hundertwasser’s graphic work 10002 NIGHTS HOMO HUMUS COME VA HOW DO YOU DO.

In this exhibition DIE GALERIE presented paintings, tapestries and knotted carpets, selected graphic works and the architecture model of the children’s day-care centre Heddernheim.