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District Heating Plant Spittelau – Architecture model, 1987
Model builder: Alfred Schmid

District Heating Plant Spittelau – Facade concept, North View

Symbiosis between Technology, Ecology and Art
Reparations to Industrial Buildings

From 31 March 2009 to 26 June 2009

Fernwärme Wien
Spittelauer Lände 45
1090 Vienna

Hundertwasser combated the aggressive ugliness, the uniform desert and coldness of industrial buildings, because it harms the working people and robs man’s dignity. His designs of industrial buildings are a contribution to the consciousness and perception of a healthier, better life with more dignity for man in a time where man suffers under the alienation from nature.

The exhibition showed Hundertwasser’s redesign of the District Heating Plant Spittelau as well as designs and realisations from industrial buildings all over the world for example the MOP Maishima Incineration Plant and the Sludge Center in Osaka.