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125 Skyscraper and Village Church, 1951

176 Autobus, 1953

Friedensreich Hundertwasser: Against the Grain. Works 1949–1970

From 20 October 2012 to 17 February 2013

Kunsthalle Bremen
Am Wall 207
28195 Bremen, Germany


The exhibition presents the artist as a prominent member of the international avant-garde who worked in Paris during the 1950s and developed a highly original visual language in parallel to the prevalent Art Informel. In the 1960s, Hundertwasser represented Austria at the Venice Biennial and exhibited at the documenta III in Kassel, achieving international recognition. Kunsthalle Bremen is offering new perspectives onto one of the best known artists of the twentieth century. Standing at the center of his oeuvre are impressive early works as well as masterpieces from the 1950s and 60s. Hundertwasser gave important impulses to Performance Art and Happenings: In 1959, Hundertwasser together with Bazon Brock and Schuldt carried out the performance Die Linie von Hamburg ("The Hamburg Line"). The Kunsthalle Bremen is re-staging this legendary event in close collaboration with Bazon Brock. In the spirit of the original, a line will be generated in an uninterrupted session lasting more than fifty hours, transforming a large gallery in the Kunsthalle into an endless spiral and a spectacular environment.