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498 The Beard Is the Grass of the Bald-headed Man, 1961

551 The Neighbours I – Spiral Sun and Moon-House, 1963


From 05 December 2010 to 15 March 2011

Seoul Arts Center – Hangaram Design Museum
2406 Nambu Soonwhan-ro, Seochu-gu,
Seoul, Korea 137-718

A comprehensive Hundertwasser exhibition presents his art as well as his contribution for a more creative architecture in harmony with nature, some examples of his original graphic art in its variety of techniques as well about his concerns for the environment and ecology.

Visitors will experience Hundertwasser – an artistic, social, architectural and ecological cosmos.

The exhibition is organised by Munhwa M & C Co., Ltd.

Loans of following museums and collectors will be exhibited: Ms. Yuko Ikewada-Toyoda, The Nagoya City Art Museum, The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Japan, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, KunstHausWien Museum, The Hundertwasser Non-Profit Foundation, Vienna.