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Hundertwasser with parts of the Humus Toilet

Happy End

From 19 September 2010 to 14 November 2010

Kunsthalle Göppingen
Marstallstraße 55
73033 Göppingen



Featuring works by about 50 international artists, the exhibition and the symposium ‘Happy End’ will enter a field of research – scatology – that is as old as humanity itself. Regardless of the medium, scatological art presents images that discreetly reveal what is normally concealed in our bodies. Our lives and bodies are home to innumerable secrets, which ought to be revealed.


The idea is to spread Hundertwasser’s drawing for the construction and the use of the Humus Toilet (1975-80). Each visitor can take one copy as basic information for private use. An accompanying brochure includes further information and Hundertwasser’s “Shit Manifesto” as well as a letter by Hundertwasser which he sent to interested people.