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La Picaudiére, Normandy
Photo: Erika Schmied

Pigsty in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Photo: Erika Schmied

The Giardino Eden on Giudecca in Venice
Hundertwasser painted and lived in the summer house (casettino)
Photo: Erika Schmied

HUNDERTWASSER’s Paradise – Places Of Life
BERNHARD’s Austria – Scenes From His Books


Photographs by Erika Schmied

From 12 June 2003 to 31 August 2003

Untere Weissgerberstrasse 13
1030 Vienna


This joint exhibition of more than 250 photographs combined for the first time two major photography series by Erika Schmied, creating an impressive juxtaposition.

For many years, photographer Erika Schmied followed the footsteps of two prominent Austrians who could not have been more diverse.

“Hundertwasser’s Paradise – Places Of Life” focused on the places which became the artist’s home. In a farm house in the Normandy, a small sawmill in the Waldviertel, Lower Austria, a garden in Venice, at his property in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and last but not least in a small roof apartment at the KunstHausWien did he settle, in order to devote himself to his dreams in the mids of spontaneous vegetation.

“Bernhard’s Austria – Scenes From His Books” traced the locations of Thomas Bernhard’s books and documented them in the photographs.

The following books accompanied the exhibition:
“Thomas Bernhard“, Residenz Verlag, Salzburg, 2000
“Hundertwassers Paradiese – Orte seines Lebens“, Knesebeck Verlag, Munich, 2003